Tell Your CPA About This Program Right Away!

Most certified public accountants and other accounting professionals are not only employers themselves but also help their employer clients navigate many tricky waters.  We decided that our CPA clients and friends would benefit from a breakfast briefing on the hot topics facing them and their clients.  The program is scheduled for Wednesday December 11 at the Tuscany Suites.

Now for the first time we have put together a special half-day update designed just for CPAs and accounting professionals.  In addition to an in-depth discussion of the tricky Nevada minimum wage and overtime law, learn about the multi-pronged attack that government agencies and plaintiffs’ lawyers are waging against employers who misclassify employees as independent contractors.

And of course our expert benefits attorney will provide attendees with up to date information on what they and their clients need to know about the Affordable Care Act.

Register and get more information here.  Or you can call Michele Pacconi at (702) 862-3808.

Not a CPA?  Watch for information about special breakfast briefings coming up in 2014 designed specifically for the Restaurant/Nightclub industry, the Health Care industry and the Construction/Homebuilder industry.

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