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The 2015 Nevada Legislature—What Can Employers Expect?

As far as most non-governmental employers are concerned, the Republican sweep of the Nevada Legislature will likely be known for what laws won’t be passed. I think employers will not see new or stricter laws in the following areas:   … Continue reading

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    Should an employee be entitled to a job protected leave of absence under the FMLA in order to fulfill her terminally ill mother’s lifelong dream of a family trip to Las Vegas? If you work in Chicago the … Continue reading

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Five Things That Did Not Happen to Employers in 2013

It seems that the EEOC, the DOL, the NLRB, the unions and plaintiffs’ lawyers are always on the verge of doing something that causes headaches or worse for employers.  There were things employers feared or hoped for in 2013.  Here … Continue reading

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Do You Need Another Reason to Do Harassment Prevention Training for Supervisors?

  By now employers know that regular supervisory training on sexual harassment prevention is a must.  (If you need a refresher on the law, download this pamphlet.) Trainers like to trot out the familiar stories about plaintiffs’ attorneys telling employees … Continue reading

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The Three New Nevada Laws You Need to Know About Right Now

Employers generally hold their breath during the legislature, especially when democrats control both houses and the ranking democrat senator is a prominent plaintiffs’ employment law attorney.   Usually the powerful Nevada Resort Association (NRA) uses its considerable clout to protect … Continue reading

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Nevada Shatters Another Alleged Glass Ceiling

Nevada and in particular Las Vegas have long been the targets of federal agencies who feel our gaming industry and Wild West lifestyle need to be tamed and brought under control.  Gambling, smoking, drinking, legalized prostitution: they are all roads … Continue reading

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Don’t Miss The Fisher & Phillips 2013 Employment Law Seminar

  It is already time for our annual employment law seminar.  Never have there been more legal developments for employers to keep up with. The Las Vegas presentation takes place on May 2, 2013 at: Tuscany Suites and Casino 255 … Continue reading

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Top Five 2013 Resolutions for Employers

The year 2013 will be another challenging year for employers. Unions and plaintiffs’ attorneys will be emboldened by the government’s aggressive post election energy.  If you don’t know what to do first here are five things to act on promptly. … Continue reading

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Ten Reasons to Find a New Labor/Employment Attorney—Part 2

If you missed Part 1, which described the first three things to think about when deciding whether you need a new Labor/Employment Attorney, you can find that post here.  Here are the next three factors you must consider when you … Continue reading

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Ten Reasons to Find a New Labor/Employment Attorney—Part 1

Employers have never been more heavily regulated and scrutinized by government authorities.  How can an employer be sure it is protected?  Most companies believe that that it is crucial to have a qualified labor/employment attorney available to immediately provide advice … Continue reading

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