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The Three New Nevada Laws You Need to Know About Right Now

Employers generally hold their breath during the legislature, especially when democrats control both houses and the ranking democrat senator is a prominent plaintiffs’ employment law attorney.   Usually the powerful Nevada Resort Association (NRA) uses its considerable clout to protect … Continue reading

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Nevada Labor Commissioner Intends to Consider the USDOL Time Clock Rounding Rule Compliant With Nevada Law

    The Nevada Labor Commissioner recently issued an Advisory Opinion regarding time clock rounding.   The Commissioner had previously used a very strict interpretation of the wage statute to conclude that any rounding of time entries was unlawful.   … Continue reading

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Nevada Shatters Another Alleged Glass Ceiling

Nevada and in particular Las Vegas have long been the targets of federal agencies who feel our gaming industry and Wild West lifestyle need to be tamed and brought under control.  Gambling, smoking, drinking, legalized prostitution: they are all roads … Continue reading

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