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In Memoriam: Bill Klinger

An employer and the union representing its workers need to work together most of the time but every couple of years when the contract expires they can be at loggerheads. Negotiations are usually contentious and sometimes the folks at the … Continue reading

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Meals are Good for Employees–Especially When Shared

Okay, being Italian I was raised based on the belief that “Food is Love”.  No matter how loud and heated our family discussions became, having them over a meal made it OK. Plus what better way was there to welcome … Continue reading

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The 2015 Nevada Legislature—What Can Employers Expect?

As far as most non-governmental employers are concerned, the Republican sweep of the Nevada Legislature will likely be known for what laws won’t be passed. I think employers will not see new or stricter laws in the following areas:   … Continue reading

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A new lawsuit recently filed by a local union might be overlooked as just another dispute over money.  But what makes the case noteworthy is the fact that unions rarely air their dirty laundry in public–especially when it involves the … Continue reading

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Continue Caution When Speaking of Former Employees—Even During Litigation!

Nevada has for a long time recognized an absolute privilege for defamatory statements made during the course of judicial and quasi-judicial proceedings.  That is why an employer can safely say things about a former employee which might otherwise be defamatory … Continue reading

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    Should an employee be entitled to a job protected leave of absence under the FMLA in order to fulfill her terminally ill mother’s lifelong dream of a family trip to Las Vegas? If you work in Chicago the … Continue reading

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Five Things That Did Not Happen to Employers in 2013

It seems that the EEOC, the DOL, the NLRB, the unions and plaintiffs’ lawyers are always on the verge of doing something that causes headaches or worse for employers.  There were things employers feared or hoped for in 2013.  Here … Continue reading

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Tell Your CPA About This Program Right Away!

Most certified public accountants and other accounting professionals are not only employers themselves but also help their employer clients navigate many tricky waters.  We decided that our CPA clients and friends would benefit from a breakfast briefing on the hot … Continue reading

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Should the Bishop Link Arms with Unions?

The Las Vegas Sun recently published an article reporting criticism of the Roman Catholic Bishop of Las Vegas, Joseph Pepe.  Sources quoted in the article felt that the Bishop has not been publicly vocal about the need for immigration reform. … Continue reading

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Do You Need Another Reason to Do Harassment Prevention Training for Supervisors?

  By now employers know that regular supervisory training on sexual harassment prevention is a must.  (If you need a refresher on the law, download this pamphlet.) Trainers like to trot out the familiar stories about plaintiffs’ attorneys telling employees … Continue reading

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