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Five Things That Did Not Happen to Employers in 2013

It seems that the EEOC, the DOL, the NLRB, the unions and plaintiffs’ lawyers are always on the verge of doing something that causes headaches or worse for employers.  There were things employers feared or hoped for in 2013.  Here … Continue reading

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The Culinary Union Contract–a Look Back

With the HERE citywide negotiations underway in Vegas this year it’s a good time to look at the historical structure of the Culinary Union’s contract. The earliest Culinary contract I could find is  a three year agreement from 1961 which … Continue reading

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Lessons Learned From the Clark County School District’s Recent Interest Arbitration Victory

Binding interest arbitration is how unions representing teachers, police and firefighters resolve an impasse in collective bargaining in Nevada.  The unions like to repeat the mantra that the binding arbitration procedure in NRS 288 is the quid pro quo for … Continue reading

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Many local governments will begin labor negotiations soon.  Careful preparation is critical.  Remember, some union negotiators, (like firefighters), have significant down time while at work.  They are not playing Parcheesi endlessly in the dayroom—they are studying their contracts.  Some also … Continue reading

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Arbitrator’s Decision Grants Raises to Washoe County Deputy Sheriffs

Arbitrator Ronald Hoh’s September 17, 2012 decision awarding the Washoe County Deputy Sheriff’s Association a 3.125% across the board wage increase is here.   Hoh selected the union’s proposal over the County’s proposal for a 3.4% base wage reduction. The decision is noteworthy for the fact … Continue reading

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