Nevada Shatters Another Alleged Glass Ceiling

Glass-CeilingNevada and in particular Las Vegas have long been the targets of federal agencies who feel our gaming industry and Wild West lifestyle need to be tamed and brought under control.  Gambling, smoking, drinking, legalized prostitution: they are all roads to hell and the politically correct federal government intends to save us from ourselves.


The EEOC has a legal mandate to come after employers who have a “Glass Ceiling”.  That term refers to an artificial barrier to the advancement of women and minorities.


Our state has a long history of advancing women to the top positions in the gaming industry.  For example Marilyn Winn and Renee West have both run multiple strip resorts.


Our local governments have stepped up to the plate as well.  The top manager in the City of Las Vegas has long been Betsy Fretwell and Pam Webster is at the helm in Nye County.  For a number of years Virginia Valentine was the County Manager in Clark County and now she leads the powerful Nevada Resort Association.


Now we have something else to brag about:  women run both of our state’s major airports.  Rosemary Vassiliadis took over the Director’s slot at McCarran International Airport from the legendary Randy Walker last month after sixteen years as his Deputy.  Before that she held high-powered positions in both the City and the County.   Director Vassiliadis will be running one of the busiest airports in the country.  The airport saw 41 million passengers last year and has about 1,500 employees—running it is a tough assignment regardless of gender but Rosemary has already proven herself to be an excellent leader.


Krys Bart expertly ran the Reno Tahoe Airport for fourteen years until she retired at the end of June.  Another top-notch female executive, Marily Mora who starts July 1, has succeeded her.  Prior to a recent stint as Assistant Director at Oakland International Airport, Mora was Bart’s second in command for 12 years.  The Reno Tahoe Airport is the 60th busiest commercial airport in the nation; it serves nearly four million passengers a year.  Although smaller than McCarran the Reno airport has its own fire department and police department.  Ms. Mora will have her hands full but I have seen her in action and she is up to the challenge.


The next the time the feds, (or anyone else), claim that we have some glass ceilings have them speak to the head of one of our local governments.


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